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Keith Griggs FCA - Your Fractional CFO Partner Will Help You Unlock Business Growth Through Data Driven Financial Expertise

If your business has £1m+ annual turnover, contact me for a totally free, no obligation
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  • Expertise: Keith Griggs is a Deloitte trained chartered accountant with 20 years experience at the top level in in industry including being full time CFO of Poupart Imports Group with £56m turnover and Piscari Group with £31m turnover
  • Cost-effective: A fractional (part time) CFO is a very cost-effective solution for SMEs that cannot afford a full-time CFO.
  • Data driven decisions: Many companies are drowning in a sea of data. We can create dashboards, pivot tables, graphs, ratio analyses that bring it alive, and give us the vital insights needed to grow.

Deliverables - If you do not have a firm grip on your numbers, you are basically just guessing, and will make bad decisions

These are the types of report we can include in our monthly reporting pack. The exact reports will produce will be designed in conjunction with you specifically for your business

Keith Griggs FCA

Most accountants do not have good experience in Industry to be of much value to you. I have considerable experience at all levels. I am a commercially savvy finance professional. I qualified as a chartered accountant at Deloitte and spent many years at the highest levels in industry as:

- CFO for the Poupart Import Division (£56m t/o)
- CFO for the Piscari Group (£31m t/o)
- Group financial controller for MBMGroup (£264m t/o)
- Group financial controller for Poupart Group (£216m t/o)
- Group accountant responsible for preparing European consolidated accounts at the Canon European head office in Amsterdam (£2.5b t/o)
- Group accountant responsible for preparing group consolidated accounts for Johnson Matthey PLC (£3b t/o)
- Qualified as a chartered accountant at Deloitte with three years as an auditor in The City
- MA in Law and Philosophy from Cambridge University
- Serial entrepreneur
- 7 Times on BBC and Sky Business News as an expert
(note all turnover figures updated for inflation)

There is virtually zero risk. You can also just hire me for an hour at first, and then rehire as required.

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