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Property Investing Secrets 
Discover the ultimate beginners' guide to property in 2021

I have been investing in property for over 20 years, and have invested over £40k in my own property education and training over the years including Simon Zutshi's 12 month mastermind programme and also Progressive Property's VIP programme.

 I am looking to work with with a property professional or investor. I have learned that by working with someone we can earn considerably more than working alone. J. P. Getty became the richest man in the world by making many other people very rich alongside him.

I could work with you in many ways.

1) I work with investors to help them get great returns. In my view property is in a whole different league to any other form of investment in terms of cashflow, long term capital growth and also safety.

2) I source amazing property deals with high ROI in the North London/East Herts/West Essex areas.

2) I also give coaching and consultancy - you then have access to all my many skillsets and experience, and book me by the hour or day.

Let us get in touch to see if there is any way we can work together. 

Drop me a message on Linkedin , Facebook or book a 15m zoom call .

Below is a sequence of videos I made in April 2019. I only actually completed the first two modules as then I got distracted by another project. They were originally intended to be part of a large high ticket course on property investing, but I have changed my mind and decided to publish them here and on Youtube, Linkedin, and possibly Facebook.

The first video is an overview and summary of the intended course.

Module 1 asks the question what the best form of investment is.
I compare it with putting the money into equties and bonds, paying off your home mortgage early, or putting it into a pension to buy an annuity. As you can see, in my opinion property is by far the best strategy.

After having presented the case for property, module 2 compares different property strategies: flipping, HMOs, deal sourcing and buying and holding.

Property Investing Secrets 
Discover the ultimate beginners' guide to property in 2021