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My property business

There is a lot of money to be made in property by being intelligent, and knowing ways to help people that they are unable to do on their own.  For instance someone with a short lease (less than 75 years) cannot afford to extend the lease, and he can only sell to cash buyers.

If I help them by paying for the lease extension, this property could be sold for a lot more money, as people would be able to get a mortgage on it, so there is a lot more people who could buy it.  I can do this very safely using legal contracts, and specialist solicitors.  But it does need my cash tied up for several months to do this.

I have just sold my HMO for £156k . The mortgage was £72k so this releases £84k of its equity (less a small amount of fees and tax) into cash

I have about £250k equity in the property I live in. 89 Lammasmead, Broxbourne. EN10 6PG. I estimate it is worth £500k, and has a mortgage of £255k.  

Also I have another rental property 33 Garner Drive , EN10 6AU which is worth £365k and a mortgage of £240k. So £125k equity.

So I have total equity of £375k.  I could obviously sell these properties if needed at any time to release cash.