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Some accountants are little more than bean counters, and they have very little understanding of advanced tax strategies that can save a fortune in tax on your property portfolio.

Property tax is extremely complicated, as there are 5 different taxes to consider, and each one has its own statutes and case law. Not only is it important to structure things to pay minimal tax, it is also very important to understand where the line is, and to stay firmly this side of it.

If your accountant gives you bad advice, and you end up overstepping the mark it is you that are ultimately responsible, and it is you will carry the can. Tax can be a bit of a grey area, and it is vital to use a tax specialist who is able to keep you safe.

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Moving Your Portfolio Into A FIC With Alphabet Shares

We can explore the massive hit you may be taking under Section 24 with owning the property in your own name, and the possible benefits of incorporation. It is sometimes possible to incorporate using incorporation relief, so that no CGT or SDLT would be payable.

LLPs as a Tax Saving Tool

LLPs (Limited Liability Partnerships) are also a very handy tool in our toolkit, as they allow a partnership to be formalised, and for income to be spread around your family who may be in lower tax bands.

Reducing Inheritance Tax By Moving Property Into Trusts That Sit Outside Your Estate

Discretionary trusts sit outside your estate, therefore they suffer no inheritance tax when you die. They can act for the benefit of your descendants. If you or your family are litigated against, any assets held in a trust are safe, as they do not belong to you.

We can also provide business advisory and the full range of accountancy and compliance services.

About Keith Griggs
MA (Cantab), FCA

I trained as a chartered accountant at Deloitte before working in industry for many years at the highest levels. I also have recruited several highly skilled tax professionals in my team to give you the specialised advice that you need.

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