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Earning high commission and helping people

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Helping people save tax, and earn high commissions by doing it

Many people are paying life insurance out of their own pocket.

If they have a company, or are a director of a company, they could put the full cost of their life insurance through their company as a tax deductible expense.

A lot of people do not realise this, and pay it out of their own pocket, and pay a lot of unnecessary tax and NI.

Please watch the video on this page https://redboxfinancial.com/insurance/

So you just need to spread the word about this to your network. Many people will say something like "Oh that is fantastic, I did not know about that, please tell me more". Then you can just a book with us and add their info into a spreadsheet.

Leave it to us to sort out all the details, explain everything, give them quotes, and then move them over to this new type of life insurance which will help them save a lot of money in tax and NI if they qualify.

After that you will get a big chunk of commission. As you appreciate, life insurance commission is paid up front.

We also sell all other types of insurance and mortgages, and you can get commission for that too.

It does not cost you any money to join, and there are no targets or anything. And we will help support you with marketing if you want that. Some people are earning a lot of money doing this.

If you would like more information about this, please contact me to jump on a quick call.