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Hire me by the hour to be your part time CFO

Hire me by the hour to be your part time CFO, financial controller. You would also have access to my team so we could provide any accounts dept services that are needed.

I am a Deloitte trained chartered accountant with 20 years experience working in the accounts departments of SMEs as financial controller and CFO

Business insolvencies are at the highest level for 13 years, so it is very important to have a very solid finance department advising you with a high level of analytics, systems and automation in place.

I also have many years experience as an internet entrepreneur, and marketer, and have appeared on the BBC and Sky News seven times as an expert.

My tiktok videos get up to 327k views, and I have 22k followers on Linkedin.

With my team I can manage your finance function, improve your financial monthly reporting, and provide a full outsourced accounts department if required which would be much cheaper and much more efficient than hiring full time staff that are not needed. 

I can help you with business development, implement anything and be a business advisor and sounding board for anything you want.

Contact me for a free brainstorming session to explore how I could help you.