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How to save property tax

In this video, I talk about a very bad structure for owning property that I came across a few days ago, when one of my contacts was making a lot of money in his business, and that company was lending that money to his property investment company to use as deposit for more property purchases. Bad idea! I explain why in this video.

I also go on to talk about a smart holding company structure, where a holding company with alphabet multiple share classes for close family members holds all the wealth. The growth is held in a discretionary trust for future generations.

It could have several subsidiaries for a non property business, property investment, and property developing. The property developing company could also own SPVs.

Then cash could flow upwards using dividends and group relief, and downwards using shares.

Even more flexibility could be added by having this smart holding company as a member of an LLP with each close family member also being a partner.

I am a specialist in property tax. I qualified as a chartered accountant at Deloitte, have been investing in property for 22 years, and am specialised in helping people save property tax – income tax, corporation tax, CGT, SDLT, IHT.

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